Listing of all current and previous offerings for 402AY

Course ID Term Course Subject Code Course Code Section Course Name InstructorPIDM Instructor Program Location Sched. Desc. Units Bookstore Link Syllabus Link Text Pak Link Term Course Document ID Course Document Description Subprogram
4558496 202201 MGB-402AY-001 MGB 402AY 001 Markets and the Firm 3390093 Saraniti, Brett SMBB San Ramon Sat/Wed Irregular 4 There is an optional book for this class. Please see the syllabus for more infromation. Text Pak Required Please note that you will get emailed when the materials are available. If you did not get an email and want to check, look for the Textpak Access Instructions announcement in Canvas, if they are visible, the materials are currently available. Winter 2022 4645070 Syllabus
4558502 202201 MGP-402AY-001 MGP 402AY 001 Markets and the Firm 100234 Stango, Victor SMBE Sacramento Sat/Tu Irregular 4 Please refer to the course syllabus for textbook information. Textbooks may be purchased at the UC Davis Bookstore. Please check the bookstore website for current information. No Text Pak Required Winter 2022 4711825 Syllabus