MGT-268-002 Articulation and Critical Thinking

Fall 2019
CRN: 51044
Instructor: Kennedy, Daniel
Day/Time: Th 2:10pm-5:00pm
Location: Davis

Course Description
Develop competency in business writing and oral presentations. Build critical thinking skills. Topics include behavioral economics, false claims, deductive and inductive reasoning, correlation/causality, business ethics. Formerly titled "Management Communications". Course name/description change under review by Academic Senate.
Grading Policy: Letter
Concentration: IMPACT Program

Syllabus: Syllabus
Textpack: A textpak is needed for this course. Please note that you will get emailed when the materials are available. If you did not get an email and want to check, look for the Textpak Access Instructions announcement in Canvas, if it is visible, the materials are currently available.
Bookstore: No Textbook Required

Additional course information and materials are available on Canvas.